Tomasz (To'mash) was born in Poland and moved to New York at age 19.  Currently settled in Redondo Beach, California with his wife and 2 dogs.  In New York is where he found interest in photography and was forever changed by the most cinematic city in the world.  Always interested in the play between light and shadows. His images are often scenes captured after dark open to the viewers own interpretation.

When not roaming the streets for his next image he is running the trails where he gets his inspiration and recharge. As an avid trail runner and former amateur triathlete, he is fascinated by endurance sports.  Following those passions he often shoots athletes in their element and aims to share the beauty of endurance sports through his images.  

Many images from my collection are available for purchase as limited edition fine art prints.  Let me know what images speak to you and I'll be happy to produce an exceptional print for you.